What You Need to Know When Buying a Practice

Guidelines, Checklists & Due Diligence for a Practice Purchase

The purpose of this course is to save you hundreds of thousands of dollars and many headaches and problems that can occur when you are not equipped with reliable information before purchasing a practice.

The content of this course is based on 40 years of working one-on-one with dentists in a management, leadership training and personal coaching relationships. I am not a practice broker, a banker or an accountant. I am not a dental supplier or software salesperson or vendor for any technology.

I am a dentist who has witnessed the problems, the heartaches, the years of lost life and hundreds of thousands of dollars lost because of poor practice purchase decisions. I have only one goal in teaching this course; and that is that you make a good decision in purchasing a dental practice.

The content of this course can be used by anyone making their first practice purchase or their 10th. I’ve believed for many years that younger dentists, especially first time buyers, need an experienced non-biased person to advocate for the best interest of the buyer. So consider this course just that. I can be your advocate and provide you the best knowledge possible to help you make a good decision. One that is best for you. The information is relevant to anyone desiring to purchase a dental practice.

Course Curriculum

Module I: Getting Ready to Own A Practice
Module 2: Finding the Right Practice for You
Module 3: Practice Purchase Recommendations

What's included?

3 Videos
1 Quiz
1 Download
Dr. Michael Schuster
Dr. Michael Schuster
Founder and CEO

About the instructor

Who is Dr. Mike Schuster?

Dr. Mike Schuster is a graduate of Marquette Dental School and Founder of the Schuster Center and Performance Coach.. He has been involved at the leading edge of high quality, patient centered dentistry for nearly 4O years. He still practices dentistry on a weekly basis and continues to learn and evolve as a dentist, sales coach and trainer.

He has practiced dentistry in Dyersville, Iowa (“Field of Dreams” fame), Dubuque, Iowa where he built a group practice of generalists and specialists to $1.7M (over $1OM in today’s dollars) in 7 years using the principles, models, strategies, tools, and methods he teaches at the Schuster Center and Performance Coach, in Scottsdale, Arizona. Dr. Schuster has taught clinical dentistry at Temple Dental School, Iowa Dental School, and the L.D. Pankey Institute where he was appointed Cadre in 1973. He taught over 1OO weeks of clinical dentistry at the Pankey Institute from 1973 to 1981.

Today, Dr. Schuster practices what he teaches and coaches in Scottsdale, Arizona. His love and passion for dentistry and dentists is known by those who are truly concerned for the welfare of dentistry’s present and future. He has been personally mentored by the best dentistry has In order of influence on his thinking and life, these dentists have been, and continue to be, both an inspiration and influence in his life. Drs. Robert Barkley, L.D. Pankey, F. Harold Wirth, Peter Dawson, Henry Tanner, John A. Anderson, Ron Roth, Bob Lee, Charles Wold, and the hundreds and literally thousands of dentists he has trained and coached.

He is a seasoned practitioner, lecturer, trainer and coach who has been welcomed as Adjunct Faculty at the Dawson Center, LSU Cosmetic Continuum and Bioesthetics International. He is also a recommended Lecturer, Trainer and Coach. Dr. Schuster has produced over 2O books, audio and video training programs for ‘quality minded dentists’ all over the world. He founded the Schuster Center where quality minded dentists come for management, leadership, communication and sales training and coaching.

He has been and continues to be one of the most sought after speakers and coaches in dentistry. The ‘trainer of the best sales trainers in dentistry.’ Dentists and professionals recognize Mike Schuster by his honesty, his integrity and his undying and relentless pursuit of truth, excellence, concern and care for both dentists and the patients they serve.


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