Managing the Flow of Money in Your Dental Practice

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In this AGD accredited course, we teach you about the first step in becoming fiscally responsible. Dr. Schuster has created a model for spending that is geared to generating profit while providing for the future of the practice and the owner doctor.

This model has become the industry standard and has been adopted by thousands of dentists just like yourself. It has withstood the test of time by general practitioners as well as specialists.

The premise of the Model for Spending is that businesses, just like individuals, tend to spend everything that they make. The “trick” then is to allocate spending in such a way that the business reaches a profitable position securing not only its future but the future of the owner and staff members as well.

This course takes approximately 45 minutes to view, however, the information requires the learner to spend time evaluating their own spending in the practice while utilizing the information taught in this program, to fully release the power and potential of the information.

This course is strongly recommended for dental spouses and the key people in your practice who handle the flow of money.

This course qualifies for one hour of AGD Management Credit hours. You must pass the course quiz at 60% or greater to receive credit from the AGD.

Course Curriculum

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Brenda Penwell
Brenda Penwell
President & CFO

About the instructor

Brenda Penwell joined Michael Schuster, D.D.S. and The Schuster Center For Professional Development in early 1985. Brenda is the President and Chief Financial Officer of The Schuster Center. As a member of the faculty for both the first year and advanced programs, she has the ongoing opportunity to work closely with dentists and their teams. Brenda possesses the unique ability to relate to the doctors as well as team members.

As an experienced speaker and member of The Schuster Center’s speaker’s bureau, she has represented The Schuster Center at private and Center sponsored lectures across the United States and Puerto Rico. She is dedicated to helping each dentist and team member achieve their individual and collective goals. Feedback from her presentations over the years makes it obvious that she has a clear understanding of the inner workings of a dental practice and what it takes for one to be successful.

In addition, her role as CFO has given her the opportunity to implement the sound principles of profitability that are the cornerstone of the Profitability Management Model. That means that she has actually practiced what she teaches and can relate to the questions and concerns that are natural with the implementation of new systems. It is easy for her audiences to see why she has chosen to pursue a career that gives her the ongoing opportunities to work closely with and guide individuals in their quest for professional, personal and financial fulfillment.

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